S-TEC 30 Autopilot on eBay

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S-TEC 30 Autopilot on eBay

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Hi guys,

I have no relationship to the seller, however this would appear to be an incredible deal for a Liberty owner who would like to add a certificated autopilot to their aircraft. If I hadn't done ALL of the legwork to do this myself for N605XL, I would snap this up instantly. This kit appears to contain everything you'll need to add the S-TEC 30 to your Liberty except:

1) Install kit: This includes Liberty specific brackets, pressure lines and fittings, and the hardware that connects the servos to the Liberty's pitch and roll control rods.
2) Supplemental Type Certificate (The STC is owned by whomever owns Discovery's assets at the moment, and technically you will need to acquire a license to use it. This might be pricey.)
3) Liberty specific installation documentation: This is probably included in the STC, and one might be able to find it with some creative Googleing.
3) If you don't already have an Aspen PFD, you'll need either that, or a different, specific DG to drive the autopilot. The A/P is certificated both ways. I know of only one aircraft that is equipped with the latter option, and doing so seems silly, given the relatively small difference in cost.

I doubt Liberty/Discovery has the install kit on the shelf, but if they'll sell it you you, that would be the easiest way to go about it. It wasn't available as recently as a year ago, but with some digging and resourcefulness, the kit can likely be assembled per the certificated specifications. Liberty didn't make these in house, and the only part they modified in Melbourne is an S-TEC sprocket that must undergo a simple machine operation.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/S-TEC-30-Autopi ... C4&vxp=mtr

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