Jason Russell - new business

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Jason Russell - new business

Post by bobbailey »

Hi all,

Ed Terris another UK XL2 owner found this the other day:
Paul Bartlett ex Discovery & Liberty CEO & Jason Russell have a new business starting up. Jason's biog doesn't mention being the current CEO of DA, which I thought he was. Clearly this doesn't necessarily mean JR won't continue to try to revive DA, but it would seem at best unlikely that it will now be his top priority.
If anyone is able to get a response from Jason to ask what his intentions are for DA that would be great. He didn't respond to my last ( very polite) email. At least we would know where we stand. I hope I'm not being unduly pessimistic but this doesn't seem to be good news.
If we could get him to give us the technical spec / drawings for e.g. the Friction base ( the part I'm currently needing), then we could look at getting it made in the UK. I wonder whether the USA supplier of that part to Liberty would release it? I know other parts are needed urgently. Just grasping at straws now.
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Re: Jason Russell - new business

Post by tafisama »

It might be because the new owner has decided not to use the Discovery Aviation name.From memory,it was said they were moving to new premises which would make sense.Someone posted that parts manufacturing should be resuming soon.I believe the name has been ditched by the new owner.Its a wait and see game, which ever way we are now very close to knowing what's going on.Three weeks at most from my speculation
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Re: Jason Russell - new business

Post by GimpyPilot »

That certainly is speculation, though I hope you're right!

As far as I know there is no "new owner", and Discovery Aviation has not changed hands, though they did have to reestablish certain portions of the business several months ago after having allowed some of the existing articles to lapse. As I recall, this was prompted by pending abandonment action by the FAA, which was in turn prompted by inquiries made on behalf of this user group, by a former XL-2 owner who had been an employee of the FAA.

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