Modified Plug Tool

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Modified Plug Tool

Post by paulmilo »

Need help making or buying a suitable plug socket - thanks.

I can find references to a modified plug socket on the forum, but I am not sure whether people are just grinding the socket wall down or cutting a piece out so that it’s a type of crow foot socket so that it is not fouled when placed over the plug.

Stupid design. I cannot believe that the Continental engineers that designed the motor could not of anticipated the problem! Obviously it was not easily avoidable I suppose, otherwise I assume they would have done it.

Any pics or help appreciated.
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Re: Modified Plug Tool

Post by GimpyPilot »

I bought a standard Champion aircraft plug socket, and put it on the lathe to turn the muzzle down so it clears. I have also just cut a notch out in the past, but the turned version works better. (Don't go overboard, or the socket will fail under load.)

I recommend that you keep a modified socket in the airplane so it's available if you have to change one on the ground at an airport other than your home field.
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Re: Modified Plug Tool

Post by N645XL »

I was going to the hangar to take pix of my modified spark plug socket but decided to look for the 10-year-old Joe Turnbach original instructions which I found. For those who aren't familiar with Joe T, he's one of the original XL2 A&Ps that knows the aircraft inside & out. The modified socket works great.
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Re: Modified Plug Tool

Post by tafisama »

You can use a long reach automotive Oxygen Sensor Socket 13/16.Champion spark plugs have a raised hex point making it easy with normal sockets.Somewhere on this Forum there is a Thread on Spark Plugs for the xl2.
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Re: Modified Plug Tool

Post by frfly172 »

I have never needed a modified socket for the plugs.
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