California/West Coast Annuals Recommendation

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California/West Coast Annuals Recommendation

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For those of you in the left side of the US, I can heartily recommend Waypoint Aviation at KRAL, (Riverside Municipal Airport), which is an easy thirty minute cruise east of Los Angeles. Jordan and the gang are actually Bonanza specialists, and came highly recommended by some of my Beech owner friends. They had recently completed two XL-2 annuals, and quoted a flat rate annual for N605XL at $950.00. We actually had them do the annual plus 500 hour inspection. We ended up with the airplane back, fresh annual, 500 hour, and a few squawks addressed for $1,900. That includes about $400.00 in parts. (I supplied the tail lug, nose pin, fuel strainer, and a set of spark plugs. I could easily has saved a couple more dollars if I had supplied a few more parts.)

Extra ops for squawks and 500 hour included:

- Changed engine oil and filter.
- Replaced brake linings.
- Replaced secondary battery.
- Replaced valve cover gaskets.
- Replaced alternator belt.
- Repaired dent in left leading edge.
- Repaired/Resealed right brake master cylinder.
- Replaced spark plugs.
- Replaced tail lug and nose pin.
- Replaced fuel strainer.
- installed doubler to reinforce cracked left side baffle.

They also picked up at Van Nuys in an (old) A23 Bonanza when the Liberty was all set. (4 Days.)

Good guys. Good work.

Waypoint Aviation (KRAL)

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