Help needed to get GFC 500 certificated for us

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Help needed to get GFC 500 certificated for us

Post by desmdpc »

Have you been hoping that Garmin would certificate the GFC 500 digital autopilot for the Liberty/Discovery XL2?

You can now go to the Garmin site and express your interest:

If more than a handful of us express interest, they might just do this! Would be a game changer for me!

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Re: Help needed to get GFC 500 certificated for us

Post by GimpyPilot »

This is unlikely. The fleet is small enough that Garmin is not likely to see a return on investment of the sort needed to justify certification. Advanced autopilots can't be certificated the way many other avionics components can because significant flight envelope customization and fixtures engineering are required for the type.

That said, I have a G3x Touch and a GMC 305 control head in the RV-7. The integrated autopilot in the G3xT is basically a G500. Fully coupled It will fly an approach in three dimensions and just about put me on the runway. I can take it down as low as I dare. It's an amazing piece of engineering.

With a G500 standalone, I think you'll need a couple of servos and an AHRS source as well. (Aspen, or G5 perhaps?). There is a Liberty STC for the G3x Touch but the certificated version can get pretty expensive, and you'd have to re-do your whole panel. I doubt Garmin has actually seen an XL-2 recently. They tend to put aircraft on most of their STC lists based on very little information.
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Re: Help needed to get GFC 500 certificated for us

Post by frfly172 »

I have to agree with Michael,I very much doubt that Garmin would spend the time and money to get an stc for the g500 in the Liberty. The aircraft base is decreasing.just my thoughts.
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