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Hi All,

The new upcoming XL-2 Support website is a collective effort, and I'd very much appreciate your participation in it.

I'm inviting anyone who is willing & able, to please email your suggestions, supplier info, photos and story submissions for inclusion on the site. (Down the road you'll be able to do this via the website directly, but for right now it's via email.)

A lot of the information I'm asking for (see suggestions below), is buried all over the forum, but we want subjects consolidated in relevant areas of the website to make it easily accessible. I thought I might have time to go through the forum page by page and extract this data myself, but soon realized that's an impossible task for me to do alone given the time frame we have to get this all going.

If you've made submissions to the forum already, and you'd like to send us that info for the website, you can simply search for your old posts or comments, copy and paste that info into an email, attach any photos or docs, and hit send. See the notes below, after the list, for exactly how to send your email.

This is what we're looking for -

- lists of parts, with part numbers and quantity required, of any parts that you need right now to support the maintenance of your aircraft
- info on suppliers for various parts and equipment that you may have come across.
Again, this information is scattered about in the forum from various contributors.
- Specific maintenance issues that you've brought to light in the forum, especially if you have photos to support, such as cracked exhausts, prop strikes from loose spinner screws, FADEC issues (!), etc.
- Details of any XL-2 related incidents or accidents that you may have personally been involved in, and which you have first hand knowledge of and can share the experience with us, with a view to ensuring that other XL-2 owners may be able to avoid that same situation. Use discretion if supplying graphic images.
- Any particular operating, flight handling, maintenance or any XL-2 related issues, tips, tricks, or suggestions.
- Stories of adventures that you've had flying in the XL-2 anywhere in the world, along with related photos.
- Any truly stunning photos that you may have taken which include an XL-2 in the photo, and can tell us the story behind the photo.
- Anything else that you think would be of benefit or interest to the XL-2 community.
- Your suggestions on what content you want to see on the site (I think we've actually got this covered from past feedback, but there may be some new ideas out there that we haven't thought of, so please chime in)

Note: You retain full copyright to all photos and personal stories that you submit; by submitting this material you're giving us permission to use that material on the website only. You are also not implying, suggesting or giving any assurance, guarantee or liability whatsoever with the submission of any information you provide.

How to send in your submissions -
- use the email - pe at
- send a separate email for each subject or story. If you're sending an email with tips on how to start in cold weather, for example, send that in one email. Then send your info on that unknown supplier for the standby batteries that you found, in a separate email. This will save us tons of time processing the emailed input. Suggestions on multiple suppliers or maintenance providers can all be in one email.
- in the Subject line, clearly state what the subject matter is about
- if you'd like credit for your submissions, which we'd love to provide, please include your name, aircraft tail number (or ex aircraft if you sold yours), and forum name, with your submission.
- You can add attached documents or photos up to a total of 20MB per email, feel free to send multiple emails on the same subject if required.
- If you have a video to submit and already have that video posted online somewhere, just send us the link to it. Otherwise tell us in your email that you have a video that needs to be sent, and we'll send you an invite to a Google Drive folder where you can upload the video to.

That's it, look forward to your submissions, and thank you for your support!

Maintain VSO+1
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