First Annual done

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First Annual done

Post by tafisama »

I have now finished having my Annual on the XL2.The prop was repaired and came back looking like new.We fitted and started Libby and whaal ,what a smooth running engine it is,no vibration at all.After the first flight had to re torque the bolts.I was shocked to see how loose they had become.After that another flight.It runs much much much smoother than when I bought it.Maintaining 2500-2600rpm has been giving me 120knts at 2500Ft,I could not go higher due to low cloud and on return to the airport I was greeted by two nusty visitors.Fadec Warn and Fadec Caution Fuel pressure 0psi.How could it be 0psi when the engine is running fine.After 2mins Fuel pressure back to 45psi.Landed without any incident.Ran the Diagnostic software all green pass,nil issues.The report shows disagreement on Fuel Pressure sensors P9 and P10.The P10 connector is loose,it has a play.Now looking at changing the connector.

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Re: First Annual done

Post by paulmilo »

You give me hope Tafi re running so smooth. I'm about to replace my engine mount rubbers and get the prop overhauled.

Mine is not terrible, but rough enough at certain rpm to know it could be improved.

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