Washing your XL2

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Washing your XL2

Post by cirimj82 »

Hello group, I am a new XL2 owner and I’m wondering what everyone uses to clean their aircraft. I will be using it to instruct in so maintaining a shiny plane is important to me, I’m just concerned on what I can put in the Carbon Fiber. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Washing your XL2

Post by N645XL »

I use a (stronger than dishwashing) Dawn and water solution to cut the belly oil. The rest of the plane can use a less potent solution since it’s normally just dirt & dust & bugs. Depending on how much belly oil you have you may need to change your wash water. I rinse with plain water. Afterward I normally put a fresh coat of AeroGlaze on it to make it shine. Also AeroGlaze on the paint under the fuel cap will seal the paint so you don’t get a blue fuel stain. The glaze also makes getting the post-flight bugs removed from the leading edges easier.

I’m sure other folks have valuable experiences also but this has worked for me.

Welcome to the group. Bob

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Re: Washing your XL2

Post by paulmilo »

I’m no expert, however your carbon and aluminium is painted so I use anything that you might use on your vehicle.

I use AeroShell exhaust and oil cleaner on the belly.

I polish using various polishes. There are some specific fibreglass polishes out there, mainly for marine. I also read that you should avoid automotive cleaners on fibreglass because I think it has silicone which makes future repairs difficult. That said, I have ignored that advice lol.

My aircraft has lived in a hanger it’s whole life so still looks new, so keeping it looking spic is not that hard.

Welcome aboard.

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Re: Washing your XL2


I also use Aeroshell exhaust and oil cleaner...its great and wont damage plane.


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