Fuel Flow and Totalizer Built into FADEC

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Fuel Flow and Totalizer Built into FADEC

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Learn something new every day. Today was my first ever use of the original Continental FADEC software to trouble-shoot the engine. Turns out I may have had a fouled spark plug that cleared itself on the last flight. So Could Not Duplicate and all's well.

The big thing I learned is our FADEC system has built-in Fuel Flow and Fuel Totalizer functionality. It's displayed on the live data screen and I watched it work during the engine run. Now I wonder why Liberty didn't go for an engine display that would allow us to take advantage of this capability. Also wondering if the new JPI units will give us access. Some folks pay big bucks for the information and here we are ignoring it...

Anyone ever do anything with it?

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Re: Fuel Flow and Totalizer Built into FADEC

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I noticed that fuel was an option with JPI - interesting that it is actually there and we just don’t have a display.

It would be great if you could plug in a wireless device like the OBDIi readers.

I actually use the fuel estimate on the GNS430 as a double check against the gauge, but agree that a fuel flow in flight would be nice to have. It would be interesting if the new EDM900 just plugged straight in and provided the info, but I think it expects its own fuel transducer to be used.
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