XL2 for Flight Training

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XL2 for Flight Training

Post by cirimj82 »

Greeting Group, I am a new CFI/CFII and in this current coronavirus market furloughed airline pilots and CFI's that would normally be leaving to the airlines have blocked any new CFI's from working at a flight school by saturating the market. I was hoping to get some advice on the XL2. I live in the DFW area and have a excellent training environment for flight training. I was thinking of purchasing an XL2 with the intention of building my hours by instructing in it. My overall goal is to basically break even for a little over 1000 hours of training. My questions:

1.) What does everyone budget as an hourly cost for the XL2? (for fuel, oil, scheduled & unscheduled mx)
2.) Is this a reliable aircraft for flight training?
3.) How many hours can I reasonably expect out of an engine?
4.) Insurance cost? (I'm guessing flight training increases that)
5.) Annual & 100 inspection costs?
6.) Am I crazy or is this a feasible plan?

Any other insights anyone may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: XL2 for Flight Training

Post by GimpyPilot »

The XL2 is a wonderful trainer. It flies at about $80.00/hr. with a reasonable holdback for maintenance and incidental repairs. Teach your students to land and take care of the nose wheel and strut and you will have no issues. There is no mixture to manage, which reduces student workload, but some transition training for engine management will likely add a couple hours post-checkride. A good XL-2 instructor will teach engine management and mnemonics from the start so that transition is natural.

TBO for the engine is either 2,000 or 2,200 depending on its serial number. GIven the automation of the FADEC engine management, it is likely to achieve that time, and beyond. (I'm not sure what the regulations say about training for hire and TBO.)

My last two assisted annuals cost about $750 each. I have not done 100 hour inspections, but it's a simple airplane, built with inpsections in mind. Mechanics tend to appreciate them once they become familiar with the type.

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Re: XL2 for Flight Training

Post by frfly172 »

All of your questions have been asked and answered in this forum. You can gleam most of the info you. Need to make a decision by doing some research. Some of the people who where owners left some good posts. Also reading the maintenance posts will give you a more in-depth understanding of the maintenance required.
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Re: XL2 for Flight Training

Post by N645XL »

I absolutely love the XL2 and we’ve flown it across this country many times. I can’t think of another aircraft I’d purchase for personal use (i.e. rent if you need more seats). When first produced a large percentage of the XL2’s were shipped around the globe to flight schools and produced many fine pilots I’m sure. The 2008/2009 economic crash hit the training market as hard as it hit everything else. The XL2’s production slumped but has been ramped up to fill multiple aircraft orders since; however, there aren’t a lot of us around. Spares are available and GimpyPilot has worked miracles sourcing the manufacturers for parts before all the markups get slapped onto the price tags.

So where am I going with this? You’re making a business decision. Many of us (including me) made a personal transportation decision. You need a Return on Investment. We just try to reduce our cost of ownership. You may want to search the FAA Aircraft Registry for XL2’s being used in training operations. I think your ROI questions could be better answered based on their experience. Good luck! Hope to see you here as an owner.
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