Great XL-2 Resource in SoCal (KVNY)

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Great XL-2 Resource in SoCal (KVNY)

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you all know that there is a great resource for us in the Western US. Art Larrobis (and the whole gang) at Baymark Aviation has taken the time to really get to know the Liberty and all of its systems on my behalf. He has poured over all the documentation and systems, and really knows my airplane well. He first diagnosed my weird fuel injector issue last year, and we've had the engine out of the airplane following a prop-strike incident that my co-owner had. We checked all of the supporting systems out pretty carefully while we were at it. When Continental sent out a factory IA to sign everything off as part of the post-prop-strike inspection, he told me that I was very fortunate to have a very sharp A&P to work with. (For the record he did not find a single issue with Art's work, and he commented that that's extremely rare.)

Art also installed my gross weight upgrade kit, and I believe we are the first to have installed and properly documented the Airwolf remote oil filter kit on the Liberty according to the STC. We also did the Airwolf separator according to its STC as opposed to the little one that Liberty used to sell. (In addition to being still available as new, it is field serviceable, and of a superior design. Installing it properly is important, but once that's done, it's great!) Art has also done a complete annual on my airplane, and will be doing them for as long as I own it.

Baymark Aviation/Art Larrobis at KVNY: (818) 461-2180. Art and Mark own the facility, and they are very fair to their clients.
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