SL-40/SL-30 Alternatives?

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SL-40/SL-30 Alternatives?

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Hi Folks,

We're doing an Aspen EFD 1000 Pro in the XL-2 shortly, and I'm looking at options for the radio stack. We've got a 530W/SL-40 now, but I'd like to get a second VOR in to augment the HSI in the Aspen which will obviously get it's NAV from the 530. I'd planned to take out the SL-40 and swap it for a -30, but they're fairly spendy for a discontinued radio. Part of me thinks it might be smarter just to pick up a used 430W for about the same money, or a few dollars more. Of course the 430 is "old" now too... so I might just be throwing good money after bad.

What have those of you with Aspens, either factory or retrofit done? Have any of you just added a NAV/COM and a second VOR head?


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