Thoughts on Toe Brakes

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Re: Thoughts on Toe Brakes

Post by BijanM »

Hello Anybody has or know where I can get a toe Brakes kit?

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Thoughts on Toe Brakes

Post by paulmilo »

Discovery - but I am not sure that they are shipping anything in the short term. They were also stupidly expensive when I looked at them ~$9,200. IMO, not worth it at 20% of the cost and they did not have them in stock anyway.

I absolutely hated the finger brakes at first. Since putting some time on my plane, I am actually very happy with them now other than when I need to adjust the radio or flaps whilst on the ground. Radio problem is sorted by pre-planning changes so I can toggle between frequencies and flaps will be solved by adding a flap switch to the stick. Purchased the parts for less than $200 (I think), just got to install now.

I have actually managed to lock up the brakes on a gravel runway and felt comfortable enough to then 'play around' a bit by locking and unlocking them and sliding a little left and right. The feel and control was actually very good. I would not bother changing them now even if there was a cheap kit to be had.
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